Enhance the home appliances of high quality life, just in KKTV smart TV

Since ancient times, Chinese people have more passengers. For each family, TV sets are indispensable home appliances. In addition to an ordinary viewing tool, when friends and family come home, they can also regulate the atmosphere. Role, just open the TV, even if you don’t look, the entire room will also be full of a lively atmosphere. Especially the current TV is more and more intelligent. If you want to change the old TV set at home, the KKTV smart TV is a good choice, not only can become a viewing tool, but also help children learn.

How to directly affect the viewing experience, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV not only uses 4K HDR quality improvement technology, but also use Konka independently developed 12Bit color engine technology, know that this is very water High color processing technology. It can regulate 68.6 billion colors, and the brightness of the screen will be more uniform and very suitable for watching movies. Compared with ordinary TV sets, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV can also bring you more surprises. For example, in the off-screen state, you can also become a smart speaker for music.

The excellent configuration is inseparable. This KKTV U65V5T smart TV uses 64-bit architectural processor. The screen will be very smooth. The switch between the interfaces will not appear in carton, even if it is played. problem. The important thing is that it also supports mobile phones, just put TV and mobile phones in the same LAN, then the photos stored on the phone and found interesting video can be put into the big screen, and then feel the big screen watch. carefree.

Now the child’s study is a big event. There are many parents to make children win on the starting line. In advance let the children learn kinds of kindergarten knowledge, but the book is more boring, the child is difficult to calm down, good in this KKTV U65V5T Smart TV has massive education resources, which can cultivate children’s fun, and also reduce parents for the choice of theme and repetition. Important is that it also supports mobile phones, allowing you to put video and photos on your mobile phone to the TV screen, share with your family.

I believe that many small friends have encountered the experience of the remote control, but as long as this KKTV U65V5T smart TV can help you get rid of the remote control, because it supports artificial intelligence, no matter what TV, what to listen Songs, as long as the movement of your mouth, you can say the name, the operation is particularly simple and convenient. In addition, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV also has a wisdom, and bricks to your smart life. It can connect a variety of smart home appliances, becoming a real family housekeeper, bringing more convenience to daily life, making you more comfortable with your family.

For the right TV set, you can bring more joy to your daily life. It is equipped with high-tech KKTV smart TV, which can easily improve the quality of life, and interested, don’t miss it.