Social mechanism: What kind of moral constraints do you need?

This is the most interesting direction I feel that the Yuan Cosmic series is equivalent to departing from the development of human society, studying morality (criteria) and ethics. I think I have a possible part of the law.

In addition, in the metacularity, how to dig morality (guidelines) and ethics, laws, etc. are also a very interesting thing. Now the so-called system, in fact, it does not integrate these into the digital world. In the future, is there a lot of companies, starting to develop morality (criteria) and ethical digital protocols, and use the ability to supply all nets as the underlying capacity, not known. Of course, I believe this is really a future, and it is also exciting.

Here, some articles, reports, and academic paper research results are organized. Let everyone have a preliminary understanding of the part.

Ethical constraints: How to build the ethical framework consensus of the Yuan Universe in the deposition framework, still need to explore from a multi-angle. The ideal concept of the universe is a high degree of freedom, high openness, and high-inclusive contrast "class Utopia" world. As a super realistic assembly of various social relations, complex rules such as moral standards, power structure, distribution logic, organizational morphology, etc. Also need to be clearly defined and specified. High degrees of freedom do not mean that behavior is unconstrained, high openness is not bound to infinitely generalization, but how to build a metacular ethical framework consensus in the deposition framework, still need to explore from multi-perspective.

Create a "Yuan Universe", the government, capital and the people have their own functions. In the early days, the government’s role is quite important. On May 18, 2021, South Korea announced the establishment of a "Yuan Cosmic Alliance" consisting of local companies. The goal is to establish a unified national VR and AR’s enhancement platform to clarify the moral and legal norms of virtual environment to ensure The universe "is not a space that is monopolized by a single big company," as a new public product. South Korea’s national "Yuan Cosm Alliance" is worthy of attention and learning.

The report combs from the top ten warning of the development of Yuancai industry from the level of public opinion, capital manipulation, technical resources, industrial ecology, moral ethics, legal norms.

From the perspective of moral ethics, the Yuancai as a super realistic assembly of various social relations, the moral standards, power structure, allocation logic, organizational forms, etc. need to clearly define and standardize, how to construct a consensus of Yuancai ethics framework, Still need to explore from a multi-angle view.

From the legal norms, the Yuancosk has public and social, and its need to build a complete monetary system, economic order, social rules, management system, cultural system and even value system, and rumors, violence, fraud, and Problems such as capital exploitation, extremism, will also exist in the metacularity, need to strengthen the constraint from legal norms.

In addition, the report also proposes that the Yuan Cosmic Industry also needs to face the challenges of dunger risk, privacy risks, and intellectual property risks. Based on the index modeling and large data mining, a healthy assessment of the metamorostere industry development is pointed out that the underground cosmic industry is still in sub-health, and it is still in the stage of concept innovation and model innovation. In the future, it is necessary to further rely on technological innovation and The common role of institutional innovation can realize the healthy development of industries.

Author’s Lee Real (Chief Economist, Chief Economist of ICB)

The Yuanhe Universe is a virtual parallel time and space with the real world, how is it important to implement, but moral ethics is constrained by another change in the process of development, and we recommend investors to pay close attention to Internet supervision trends, in the Yuancosian In the early stage of construction, we will continue to hold a large-scale technology enterprise with diversified investment, and do not ignore the advance deployment in the fields of network security, privacy computing, block chains.

At present, China and US investors are still incomplete in the layout of the Yuan Universe (as shown in Figure 2). Yuan Coso is not just a more immersive mobile Internet re-enhancement, but a parallel virtual time and space with the real world, how to implement it is an aspect, and moral ethics constraints are key variables of another left and right development process.

From the moral perspective, Yuancai Investment needs to be launched in two dimensions. The first is to promote good connection. The goal of rational people in economic activities is the maximization of their own interests, and thus at the beginning of the establishment of the Yuan Universe, the economic sustainable operation, the ecological constant enrichment is unfunctive. Effective economic incentive mechanism. In the mobile Internet age, the continued decrease in information asymmetry and transaction costs has made it possible to create a new creator economic model in individual value. However, due to the use of market position to capture excess values, the enthusiasm of individual release value is lowered. For example, recent game development company EPIC Games allegations Apple receives 30% "Apple Tax" by monopolizing the game app store, inhibition of the innovation of game developers. In addition to hoping for the government’s mandatory interference, we can also change this status through technology, with the full capture and delivery of the excitation mechanism of digital currency and block chains, so that the platform truly pays the income control to the developer.

The second is to curb the interaction of evil. The virtual space of traditional games is created by the centralized game company, "one button restart" blurred the boundaries of life rights, and virtual property has not really true that the game company has an absolute disposal of individual virtual property. Thus, under the premise of complete independence, violations of the basic rights of others are usually not limited. However, as the Yuan Cosmo is connected to the physical world and the virtual world, NFT marks the digital item as private, and we need to re-examine the boundaries of virtual crime. Obviously, we can’t tolerate the NFT artworks collected in the virtual world to be robbed (hacker intrusion), and you can’t accept your own place to be monitored (privacy violation). Therefore, network security and privacy calculations are an indispensable part of the Yuan universe, and even the expression of technology. We have found that A-share investors have already focused on the theme of cyber security, and the US RoundHill Ball MetaVerse ETF has not been included.

The evolution of the Yuan Universe may experience the following three stages. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the evolution of the Yuan Cosmic phase is still a huge uncertainty in the vitality of the Yuan Cosmic concept. We recommend investors to pay close attention to the evolution of basic science and underlying technology and the development trend of Internet supervision, and adjust investment decisions in a timely manner. .

The first phase (1-5 years): a virtual combination. In the primary stage of the Yuan Universe, the production process and demand structure of the existing physical world have not changed. The business model fused on the line will continue to evolve in the immersion experience. Take the clothing, the early days we got a flat information by browsing the graphic evaluation on the e-commerce platform, and the buyer show and the seller show became ridicule; today’s short video and live band became a tide, and the stereochemical interactive presented clothing The effects of different models are reduced to a certain extent, and the future of the AR or VR technology will be seen directly under the blessing of Ar or VR technology, we are expected to see the visual effects present on themselves, thus making more reasonable purchase decisions. The so-called ears is virtual, seeing is true, from the surface, the immersion sensation is a rich in sensory experience, and analyzing from the kernel, the immersive experience is in fact, which is fully obtained. It may be more useful and useful information to promote the virtual experience and the interaction of the real world. It can be seen that the key area of ??this stage of investment lies in the tools of immersion experience and O2O faucets with brand cooperation. The current diversified business is still the main beneficiary object. With Ar or VRs enter the commercial phase, the popularity of consumer products will also bring extensive investment opportunities to the entire industrial chain.

The second phase (5–20 years): virtual and real. Digital technology will not only become more realistic virtual worlds, it will also transform the physical world of the production process. Mob Research Institute data show that as of December 2020, affected by the epidemic, when annual per capita daily use of mobile phones reached 5.72 hours long, remove the sleep time (assuming 8 hours) accounts for about 36 percent of the time throughout the day. We predict that in the second stage the proportion of people in the virtual space of time is expected to rise to 60%, on the one hand, artificial intelligence, big data, industry intelligence and other advanced technology boosts productivity, labor demand in the real world plummeted; On the other hand, constantly enrich the connotation of the virtual world, not just entertainment, our work and life gradually migrate to the yuan universe. Artificial intelligence, bionic man, the base engine and other related business will become officially entered the commercial stage.

The third stage (over 20 years): Virtual reality that is. Yuan universe is the ultimate form of human life, and the entire brain that is uploaded to the virtual space of human interaction by means of brain computer interface technology, and to rid itself of the shackles of the physical shell. By then, the proportion of human beings in the virtual space of time could be close to 100%, while the physical needs of mankind will continue to decrease, replaced by a full spiritual awareness. In this state, the physical world is currently on the production of basic necessities may be completely meaningless, meta universe even do not need to simulate all kinds of reality in the virtual world, but to provide sensory stimulation directly to the corresponding effect of human neurons, but it will also facing a retrial ethics. In the "decarbonization into silicon" in the process, humans may eventually be able to overcome their fear of their presence in technological breakthroughs, evolve into a higher-dimensional beings.

"This is why the XR Safety Initiative, we will continue to help emerging reality around privacy, security and moral development of guidelines." Kavya Pearlman XR Safety Initiative founder and CEO.

Deepfakes & Alternate Representations of Reality.The Metaverse marketers need to invest in network security to prevent data manipulation scandal and brand. Deepfakes, hackers are manipulating objects and avatars marketers must master some type of malicious behavior. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Mozilla recently released a Deepfake video, showing President Nixon announced the Apollo 11 moon landing did not complete the task successfully. This alternative reality on the video to get a lot of coverage, and help to further promote dialogue on fraud and moral depth.

Respect for the consumer. Pearlman said that when we build these augmented reality and virtual reality by the push of a beautiful new world, we need to proactively address security, privacy and ethical issues in the field. Under no lack of informed consent and risk of these complex technologies to bring awareness of the situation, we are torn between trust and dystopian. That’s why professionals need to start a dialogue and establish the cause of these best practices. Pearlman added that the only way in the world where seeing is believing, establishing and maintaining trust through ethics, accountability, transparency and people-oriented design.

Meta Ethics for the Metaverse: The Ethics of Virtual Worlds (paper)

After the overall argument of the paper a brief introduction, the second part of the thesis provides a meta ethical framework of a moral theory based on Alan Gewei Si (Alan Gewirth), which should be to determine what (if any) It is necessary. Guiding people to participate in the virtual world as a designer, administrator or avatars and player behavior code of ethics. Since the virtual world and the World Wide Web in the scope, coverage and use are global in nature, thus providing a theoretical maximum Gewei Si ethical principles, namely the principle of universal consistency (PGC) to establish universal rights of all people anytime, anywhere, is particularly suitable this task. The paper shows that the real world and the virtual world people have the right to freedom and happiness. Strictly on the agency, these rights only on the surface, but in terms of personality built around the concept of self-esteem, these rights are absolute. The third part is the last part of the more practical details and the application of research papers virtual world designers, managers and incarnation of why and how to regulate according to their own internal goals of rational organization committed to the need for universal respect for ethical behavior. The right to freedom and well-being of all agents, including their own rights. Use Alan Gewirth argument for universal principle of consistency (Reason and Morality, 1978) and the Ethics Within Reason: A Neo-Gewirthian Approach (2006) in the extended argument PGC, the article proved particularly sought, it can be considered in terms of an avatar is a virtual representation of real people or presentation (at least in some virtual world where avatars Alerts can be considered to be instantiated in the real world to personify proxy extension) and therefore, they can and must be considered virtual agents with a purpose, then they have a moral right and obligation to their real counterparts similar. Finally, the article will show examples of virtual worlds must always comply with the rules by the end-user license agreement and administrators of the code designer (EULA) and comply with established on the basis of universal moral requirements. PGC’s. When the two come into conflict, PGC as the supreme principle of morality, always overwhelming.