The world’s first automatic driving cargo ship is first saved; Yuan Coshua blows "fried room heat" | Tuling weekly

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01 The world’s first automatic driving cargo ship saved

On November 18th, the world’s first zero-emission fully automated container ship "Yara Birkeland" created by Norwegian fertilizer manufacturer Yara, opened the first flight from the Oslo Bay.

Comments: This is a small but very hopeful step to reduce the climate footprint of the shipping industry. Although there is a lot of automatic driving, it is also facing a certain issue, but it is believed that these problems will gradually improve and solve with the development of technology. In the future, the world will not be far away from the world.

02 2022 IEEE FELLOW list announced

Beijing time November 24th, 2022 IEEE Fellow’s full list was officially announced, and 265 scholars in this time were selected.

Comments: It is worth mentioning that the last 2021ieee fellow has 282 people, including 75 Chinese scholars, accounting for 26.6%. This time, IEEE Fellow Chinese scholars have 83 people, accounting for 31.3% of the total number, which has increased slightly higher than the last time.

03 UNESCO officially launched the "Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics"

The UNESCO has officially launched the "Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics" on the 25th of the UNESCO local time. The proposal is passed by UNESCO Member States and is the first global normative framework for artificial intelligence themes.

Comments: Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence have demonstrated its huge capacity to bring positive changes, but its negative impact is intensifying a world that is already in split and inequality, this aspect must be controlled. The development of artificial intelligence should follow the rule of law, avoid damage, and ensure that the accountability is owned and compensated for victims during injury. The proposal is 29 pages, which defines the necessary basic projects to guide artificial intelligence construction to ensure the common values ??and basic principles of artificial intelligence development.

04 yuan universe blows "fried room heat"

On November 24, in the virtual world platform DECENTRALAND, a digital land was sold for $ 2.43 million, about 15 million yuan, and refreshed the world record of virtual property prices again.

Comments: Since Facebook changed its company name to Meta, people have risen sharply to the interested interest in Yuanhe. Encourage people to buy the land of the Yuan Universe as a speculative investment. Decentraland is a Yuan universe running in Tanfri, which is one of the most popular metacles of the universe for the public. Singer Lin Jiejie announced the land of DECENTRALAND, which has been purchased on November 23, officially stepped into the World Universe World.

05 my country’s automatic driving completed the first payment order in China

Beijing automatically driving on November 25 officially started commercialization pilot. On the same day, a Beijing Yizhuang resident uses Baidu Apollo automatic driving travel service platform "radish run" to complete the first single payment, which is the first automatic driving payment order in China.

Comments: This marks Chinese companies from manned test operations, entering a new stage of commercial pilots, leading the world’s automatic driving.