Brand Design Sharing – What are the principles in layout design?


Symmetry design is a static, payment of organizational and balance layout. Symmetric composition implementation, it is characterized by stability, neat, quiet, calm and classical.


Copy or key elements placed in the direction of the diagonal line in the layout, on the one hand, avoiding common homology layouts, on the one hand, gives the center subject to more creative space; this will make the entire composition look harmonious.


The embellishment element is launched around the center’s copy or graphic launch, so the pattern makes visual focus in the center, and the visual impact is strong.


The literary and main body can use design techniques to attract readers’ eyes, so that it can avoid dull.


The copy or graph is placed in the curve of S, forming a stealth line. Such composition is flexible, interesting, and can guide users to read information along the S-Dist.


The literacy and the body are separated, and the composition of the left and right or up and down. And the copy is aligned, otherwise it will appear to be messy. Such composition is also more common.

Sign in.shapeshape

The form of the main body and a copy of the copy is placed in a circular, triangular, rectangular, and the like. And if it is patterned with a triangular pattern, it is best to use the pyramid structure so that the user’s visual can be guided.

8. Full version

Full version, refers to the picture or element full of layout, which is characterized by intuitive and strong visual impact. However, if such a plate is handled properly, it will appear to be a mess, so in order to avoid crowded space, the element can be appropriately deleted.