Stimulate! On December, the first day of Cool Glory "Fairy Fight", friend’s "secret" or exposed

In December, it is really very lively for a month. All brands of new mobile phones are released, Huawei, Cool, glory, Xiaomi and other brands have new machines to build, quite a momentum of the year. Branders not only piled up new machines, cool, glory, and the conferences were collected, and they all chose to be held on December 1. Is this going to open "fighting"? But there is a wonderful connection between the two conferences. One of them is the most expectation in recent years, because "good play" is too much, it is said that the entire machine will "tremble"!

Glory 60

As early as possible, glory has preheated glory 60 in the social platform. The glory of the glory of the glory of 60 series of creative posters exposed on the social platform, the same as the official’s propaganda, which uses a starry subject. We can also see by warm-up video that the back cover seems to have the visual effect of the starry sky, it looks very bright eye-catching. Therefore, the glory high-level call is "2021 mobile phone color ceiling", and at the same time from the official preheating slogan "beauty, let go to shoot", it is not difficult to guess this new machine or the main image shooting function, and the new function will Largely improve the "single dog" to take pictures, people are very curious!

Cool Cool20pro

Cool sent to the launch conference on the same day, after the glory 60 series official, also forwarded the information of the people to express "different stars, the same day meet". To be honest, the first look, many netizens feel that the performance of Cool sent is very atmospheric. Although it is far from the era of Zhonghua Cool, it has went to foreign countries to develop, regardless of its reputation or market share, but there is a gap with glory, but the big factory in Cool is not lost at all. And after Xiaobian understands the call for Cool, this is too fragrant!

Speaking here, many friends should also guess what I said before, will make the machine circle "trembling", is the conference held by Cool. Why do you say that? From the poster of Cool sent before, it is coming, what high-priced low, the high-priced advertising fee, the impact "high-end machine" … Undoubtedly, "secrets" can’t be said to be said. Why is Cool to be so brave? Xiaobian predicted two reasons.

The first, the coolness of just returning to China is urgent to prove that he is impressed by it. Everyone is impressed to its stereotypes, clearing the future development, information will be publicly transparent, do real conscience brands! The second is to confidently confident on home new products, I don’t need to play the industry "set", I can get the favor of the public.

But no matter what reason, the attitude of coolness is commendable. I feel that tonight’s conference will definitely have more good play, how will our friends deal? Can Cool new products be amazed?