Cave inscription Technology Li Bo: Building a new model of data circulation

Source | IT168

Reporter | Tao Ran

With the outbreak growth of the digital economy and the successful introduction of national information security regulatory measures, privacy protection, data security has become a digital transformation of various industries and release data value.

In the context of vigorously promoting digital economic construction,Privacy calculation has become the technical best solution for balancing the contradiction between privacy safety supervision and data industry development.After experiencing the 2019 technology popularization and market education stages and 2020 large-scale concept verification and pilot deployment stages, privacy computation has gradually moved from the "good use" stage of the actual scene to the actual scene.The policy community, industry, user community, investment sector, etc.

Recently, at the AICC2021 Artificial Intelligence Calculation Conference, the author interviewed the tangible and technological partners, the market directors, Li Bo, in-depth discussion of the development of the privacy calculation industry and the practice of science and technology in the field of privacy calculations.

Cave inside the science and technology partner, the market director Li Bo accepts media interviews

In-depth application scenarios, "data can be invisible, calculate credible link"

Connection data and scenes are technical platforms. Based on the two-way accumulation of data and scenes, the development of the privacy computing technology platform in the hole is also distinguished.

Li Bo introduces that in the field of privacy calculations, there are different technical geography, the most mainstream is Multi-Safety Calculation (MPC), Federal Learning (FL) and Trusted Environment (TEE). Startup from a single technology path, often is a technology to find a scene, encounter problems and adjustment;The cave is based on the accumulation of scene specificity, forward-looking construction integration technology engine, and research how to maximize the advantages of different technical paths and minimize customer experience differences, to solve the problem of adaptation of diversity scenes.

Insightone in the cave

Therefore, the privacy technology platform of the insight is designed as a fusion engine architecture from the beginning, and the multi-party safety calculations, credible federal learning, trusted execution environment, differential privacy, zero knowledge certificate The techniques are integrated to form a new adaptive computing engine to effectively solve the diversity calculation problem in the actual scenes in the user, and "data can be invisible", at the same time, through privacy calculations intelligent contractization and algorithm contained construction distributed trust Mechanism and interconnection capabilities, implement "Calcible Credible Links".

In terms of scene applications, there are mainly focused on government affairs, finance, etc., facing government affairs, credit, joint marketing, asset management, bond index, etc., more conscientious and comprehensive product service systems, and better promotes data elements. , Data security fusion, industrial digital transformation ordered, healthy development.

Li Bo told reporters,The cave is not just a software company, but is committed to providing customers with "Left + Data, Right + Scene" data intelligent service based on the software platform.The cave is to promote the product development iteration and model effect optimization by playing its own data ecology, technology applications and scene services, and promotes product research and development iteration and model effect optimization. change.

Break the "calculation of the island" to achieve resource and value cross-platform interconnection

Under the influence of national data elementary strategy, some government agencies and financial industries have actively explored privacy calculation applications. Many local governments and financial institutions have gradually begun to deploy privacy computing platforms to promote data fusion within a certain range. However, there is also isomeric, such as the trust of each platform, including the trust of management and the trust of the technology, or the identity authentication system between the platforms, and the technical solutions and technologies used in each platform. The principle is different, which enables the platform to form "calculation island" between the platform and the platform.

Today, the demand for interconnection between privacy computing platforms is becoming more and more urgent.Li Bo introduced that the Dongji Technology as the central bank Beijing Financial Science and Technology Industry Alliance, the Ministry of Information Science and Technology, the National Information Safety Standardization Technology Commission, IEEE and other institutional investigation of the drafting unit, first practice standards and explore practices, such as participating in Beijing The Financial Science and Technology Industry Alliance "Federal Learning Technology Financial Application Specification" standard Technology is also exploring interconnection with many friends, through standards and practices to mutual verification, mutual promotion.

According to privacy calculation alliances, in June this year, there was an interconnection of the algorithm protocol layer of multi-heterogeneous privacy computing platform for the first time in June.Li Bo further said that dozens of institutions have joined this interconnection.

The interconnection of the heterogeneous privacy computing platform will inevitably drive the hundred flowers of the privacy compute platform, innovative applications such as national science and technology strategy, service entity economy, service social governance, help to develop data-driven economic and business models, reverse stimulation Production of data elements, drive data safely and application, better digital and intelligent data new infrastructure.

Work together, jointly create "privacy calculations + AI" hard work

Li Bo said to the reporter that in July this year, the cave visited the technology and the wave to achieve the company’s ecological strategy, realizing the "privacy calculation + AI" depth cooperation, with ecological combustion, data intelligent application, promoting the AI ??application landing.

In this AICC Conference, the cave in the AICC conference (Insightbox) is one of the achievements of the intelligence of technology and the wave of ecological strategic cooperation. Fusion hardware resources such as calculations, networks, storage and the inside of InsightOne privacy computing software services. Insightone platform privacy calculation algorithm, unified, mobilized, mobilize, mobilize, to achieve large-scale distributed encryption or training, breaking through communication bottlenecks of network transmission, providing billion-level data volume privacy computing business application capabilities Meet the high performance calculation requirements of the government and enterprises in the data syndrome, sharing, exchange and other scenes.


Li Bo further introduced that the insightnous number of IIGHTONE has been empowered this year, and the "AISTATION + Privacy Calculation" solution has been created this year. Excellent protocol program, providing privacy set calculations and safety polynomial computing, supporting various joint computing application scenarios.

Li Bo finally said that through the meta-ecological platform, the cave will continue to compete with the leading advantages of privacy computing technology in the future.Accelerate privacy calculations, block chains and other credible AI technology applications in smart government, intelligent finance, etc., allowing data integration value to be safely released in customer actual business scenarios.