2021 four reputation, good mobile phone recommended! Be practical and affordable, have you used it?

I don’t know how to pick it up. Today, the author is taking care of the five-word mouthfuls of mobile phones, and the performance is good, come and see it!

iPhone13 Pro

The iPhone13 Pro series works first-class, delicate touch, 6.06-inch screen, which uses Samsung overview XDR screen, super-porcelain panel, and excellent falling ability. Support 120Hz refresh rate + promotion technology, according to the automatic adjustment of the refresh rate, can achieve the balance of power saving and smooth use experiences. The full blood A15 processor has strong performance, compared to the upper generation monoconuclear performance, multi-core performance is 16%. The hanging dragon 888, power consumption and heat transfer are lower.

Cool Cool20pro

The cool Cool20pro is about to be released on December 1st, and it has been determined that it has a beautiful appearance, a symmetrical two-stereo speaker, 120Hz adaptive high brush screen, support WiFi-6 and 5G dual cards, It is all the configuration of the flagship model, and the experience in audio and video should be great. Interested friends can pick up a hand.

Among a mid-end mobile phone, let everyone have more choices, after all, people who have certain people will need this price. 3000 can be bought a 9R mobile phone, which is quite good, because this mobile phone costs are not low, it is understood that, with this mobile phone, we have obtained sales and reputation. One plus 9R front is equipped with amoled flexible straight screen, which supports 120 Hz high refresh rate. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. After 48 megapixel four-touch design, built-in 4500mAh big battery, and there is a 65W super fast charging function, which can be said that every aspect is taken in place, which is high. Mobile phone. One plus this brand is very popular overseas. In recent years, it is more familiar with everyone in the Chinese market, and the ultra-high cost performance makes many people like it.

Black shark 4s: the strongest game mobile phone

The game mobile phone has always had a stable user group. This newly released black shark 4s can capture 90% of them. The core configuration of the black shark 4S is Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor + UFS3.1 + LPDDR5 combination, in addition to this flagship parameter, also equipped with RAMDisk disk accelerator technology, through memory simulation disk space, eliminating hard disk reading and writing action, thus Lift the game and the start, loading, and running speed of the application.

For a long time, the hardware and software "plug-in" of the game is the key to the black shark 4S and other games. The textured switch design shoulders, which has been called "physical plug"!

The above is the four new machines with a word-of-mouth. Do you want to buy the impulse? Welcome to the comment area message sharing!