Interface Control Devexpress ASP.NET Controls V21.2 – Gantt Map Performance Enhancement

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DevexPress ASP.NET control officially released the second major version of this year – V21.2, the new version of the official promotion chart, Gantt Chart and other control performance, welcome to download the latest version of the experience!

DevexPress Universal Subscription official latest version free download trial, historical version download, online documentation and help file download – Huodu


The DEVEXPRESS chart control can now process a gap (in the data source) as a null point (with points that have undefined values). You can now customize the appearance of these gaps (based on a series of view types), you can customize the spot marks, lines, and regional segments of the null point.

You can also draw the ‘mock’ point to replace the gap (based on the adjacent series points), set the EmptyPointOptions.ProcessPointS property of the series view to ‘Interpolate’.

Enhance touch support

We have improved touch screen support based on Chromium-based browser (Google Chrosoft Edge, Opera).

Custom callback

The new client PerformCallback method and server-side CustomCallback event allow you to send and process custom requests between servers and clients.

Visible date range

You can now use the following server-side properties to specify the visible data range: GanttViewSettings.StartDateRANGE and GanttViewSettings.Enddaterange, you want to specify a visible date range on the client, please use the SetStartDateRange and SetEndDaterange methods.

Display / hide dependency

Add a new UI element next to the new API to display / hide dependencies in the Gantt chart:

  • Show Dependencies Toolbar Item
  • Showdependencies

New Gantt Chart API

The following new APIs are included in V21.2:

  • UnassignallResourcesFromTask – Unassigned all resources from the task.
  • ShowTaskDetailsDialog – Display ‘Task Details’ dialog
  • Zoomin and Zoomout – Zoom and zoom in.
  • ViewTyperaNGemin and ViewTypeRangemax – Limit the scope of scaling.
  • ShowResources – Display / Hide Resources.
  • New client API for batch mode.
  • Improved adaptability and accessibility.
  • Enhanced client and server architecture.