Mengzhou City Teacher Bureau promotes the digital transformation of basic education teaching

Dahe Net News "I now simulate the artificial intelligent robot, clean the garbage link, the link using the information programming technology to control the robot cleaning car simulation cleaning waste." This is a scene in the Practice Course of Han Yu Primary School in Mengzhou City.

In recent years, Mengzhou City Education and Sports Bureau has actively promoted the artificial intelligence education of primary and secondary schools. He has put more than 4 million yuan, purchased the robot, open source electronics, 3D printing, drone, woodworking machine tools and other equipment construction artificial intelligence laboratories. At present, Mengzhou City has built 20 Artificial Intelligent Experimental School, including more than 60 provincial experimental schools and more than 60 Customer Associations. The experimental school is the main position of the community, and the technology competition activities actively carry out artificial intelligent education work.

In recent years, Mengzhou City has won 3 national awards in the "National Student Information Literacy Improvement Practice", "Youth Robot Competition", and 86 provincial awards, 125 municipal awards, and Liu Dongdong, Wu Dongdong, Guo Lijuan et al. In October 2020, Mengzhou City was named as the first batch of artificial intelligence education experimental areas of primary and secondary schools in the Henan Provincial Department of Education. Artificial Intelligent Education Experimental School of Primary and Secondary Schools in Henan Province.

"Mengzhou City Education and Sports Bureau will continue to vigorously promote the work of artificial intelligence education, so that artificial intelligence projects will flow in more schools, gradually written non-school, schools have characteristics, there is no way to do, life will The new chapter of artificial intelligence education. "Zhang Yuefeng, Director of Mengzhou Education Bureau. (Wang Fang)

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