Artificial intelligence era, if things are handed over to the machine, will human beings will degrade?

Human civilization can continue due to continuous development, and because of technology update development we can experience so convenient and efficient life. The technology industry will have a new huge change every 10 to 20 years. This is a process of constantly breaking from self, and a process of continuous improvement of life demand.

From the steam era to the electrical era, we now come to our current technology era. Every scientific and technological transformation has brought amazing changes to the society. Can you imagine a plane high-speed railway in three hundred years ago? Can you imagine there is a day without a mobile computer for more than a hundred years ago? We can’t predict that the present is now a hundred years, and even the progress of human beings will play a degree after a thousand years, some of the current development signs already have a foreseeable sign.

As a technology product in nearly 50 years, it is not too long. The birth of the Internet can be said to be a kind of invention in influence the human society in the past two decades. Of course, there is still the rash of the mobile Internet trend, and smartphones have become our favorite partners. There is no one. Artificial intelligence that is frequently filed in the last two years is the field of the next human beings to focus on.

Artificial intelligence is also known as AI, simple point to describe smart machines with behavioral response in human wisdom, is an analog machine for human awareness, thinking handling methods, can accomplish some human wisdom to complete Complex work. Although there is no way to develop a smart machine that can be thought about doing things like human beings in the current science and technology level, the development speed of technology is so fast, who can be said? It is also very likely that some people really develop it.

If the artificial intelligence machine can really replace human doing, what should we do? Don’t have to do a full set of family intelligent machine helpers, you only need to enter a few commands to let the machine to think and execute themselves, and even if you want to eat, you can call the robot to be automatically sent to you, it is hard to imagine Such a life of our hands and the brain are "pet" to something. It’s really degradable that time, what I have not used for a long time.

Artificial intelligence also has its two-sided nature, which is convenient for the public, and will also laze the public. We also need to find a balance between a person and science and technology.