8.11 Place the cold migration flow in the provisioning TCPIP stack operation process

usePrepareTCP / IP StackIsolation of cold migration, virtual machine clones, and snapshot traffic, and distribute dedicated default gateways, routing tables, and DNS configurations for this traffic. To enable the provisioning TCP / IP stack, assign a new VMkernel adapter.


1. As shown in Figure 1 below, in the vSphere Web Client, navigate toHost. existmanageNext, chooseThe internet, Then select VMkernel adapter. ClickAdd a host network(icon).

2, as shown in Figure 2, "Select connection type"On page, choose VMkernel network adapter, Then clickNext step.

3, as shown in Figure 3, "Select target device"On page, select the switch network of the VMkernel adapter, and clickNext step. The existing network here is our previous network that has been used for VMotion.

4, as shown in Figure 4, "Port attribute"On the page, from TCP / IP StackSelect in the drop-down menuPrepare. The provisioning traffic will become the only service that is enabled.Cannot VMkernel Adapter is used for traffic types other than.

5, (optional): As shown in Figure 5, "IPv4 set up"On page, select Options for Get IP Address.

6, view "will complete"Select the settings on the page, then clickFinish.

in conclusion:existPrepare After creating a VMkernel adapter on the TCP / IP stack, you can only use this stack to this hostCold migration, cloning and snapshot. The VMkernel adapter on the default TCP / IP stack is in disabled status for the provisioning service. If a real-time migration uses the default TCP / IP stack, you use the provisioning TCP / IP stack to configure the VMkernel adapter, and the data transfer will be completed successfully. However, the VMkernel adapter on the default TCP / IP stack for future cold migration, cross-host clones, and snapshot sessions will be disabled.

Your office assistant! Alphabet restarts the robot project to challenge Ai puzzles

"At 1:30 in the afternoon, the robots will queue to the cafe. This group of monk robots will take four wheels to walk into the dining area, shuttle between the intricate dining table, then quickly launched, cleaning, and placing Table and chairs, everything is all settled in well. "

You can imagine that this is the scene that will appear soon? At present, Google’s parent company Alphabet is committed to bringing robots to the office to perform daily tasks. Their ultimate goal is to let the code "EveryDay Robot" robotAbility to complete more daily tasks, becoming a real office assistant!

Recently, the EveryDay Robots project, which is responsible for a team in its "X Lab", is committed to creating "General Learning Robots." They have removed some prototype machines out of the laboratory, enter Google’s Bay District Park, and implement some simple tasks.

"We are now running a team consisting of more than 100 robot prototypes, and they perform a wide range of useful tasks around our office," said Everyday Robots, Chief Robot, Bloom, said in a blog post. "The same robot of sorting garbage can now be equipped with a scraper to wipe the table, and use the same starting hand of the cup to learn to open the door."

The goal of these robots is to clean your hygiene. They will walk to the "meditation" for a few seconds before the table to determine if someone will hold. If someone eats, they will continue to advance until they find the empty table. After staying for 1 second, it may be in the internal operation, the robot is rotated and expanded, and the arm extends to the table, and there is a transparent disinfectant cover the surface.

This project wants the robot to become useful and can operate in an open environment, not limited to a controlled environment such as plants. After years of development, Everyday Robots finally sent to reality to do practical work.

The purpose of the R & D robber is to reliably complete the task of the human assistant. Because the computer is relatively easy to perform difficult cognitive work, it is extremely difficult to copy the cognitive function of the two-year-old child. For example, pass through a messy room, open a tricky door handle, and its difficulty is not overloaded.

These robots are essentially a wheel with a wheel, and there is a multi-purpose grip at the end of the flexible arm connected to the central tower. There is a "head" on the top of the tower, and there is a camera and sensor for machine visual, and there is a laser radar device that looks like a rotating. But even if the hardware is passing, the problem on the software is still unavoidable.

Even if this is, let Every Day Robots will open the door, and wipe the table and make people very crazy problems. In the context of current depth learning, engineers use machine learning to train software to identify objects and run millions of simulations to get a "almost" result.

The Chief Engineer of Everyday Robots said that some companies have now been very good at manufacturing machines that can make complex survivities in the factory, but when trying to copy simple tasks, such as cleaning up the kitchen or folding clothes, but fell into the kitchen or folding clothes. Dilemma, this is because cognitive problems have not been resolved.

In fact, now EveryDay Robots can do a major breakthrough in the timed fixed-point execution cleaning task. If Sophia can be so flexible in the future, it will definitely bring more help!

Good news | EZON should watch quasi-R6 Series 2021 Finalist "gold objects Award", the domestic light Adds one!

Recently, new domestic innovation contest EZON should be quasi-GPS dynamic heart smart sports watch R6 with superior technological innovation, in 2021 by the Wu Xiaobo channel, 890 new business studies and new builders of new domestics Association co-sponsored won the gold objects Award for "the most with potential "Finalist, strength should show EZON quasi-sports watch," the title of the domestic light ".

Gold was gold award

Gold objects Award as the Chinese new generation of domestic brands and product innovation local "Oscar" award to "carry forward the spirit of the craftsmen, the revitalization of domestic brand" for the mission, is committed to promote and support the revitalization of a new generation of domestic brands and businesses. Participating in a way to find the most original and innovative capabilities of the new generation of Chinese products, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese brands in product recognition and rewards.

In recent years, well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo continue to "new domestics" advocating, he said that four decades of reform and opening up the accumulation of wealth, with "80" "90" as the young consumer groups, willing to Chinese culture, China brand pay. Behind this trend is the new generation of consumer groups aesthetic iteration iteration, iteration industrial quality and technology, the Internet and electricity sales represented a new connection. The EZON success should be quasi-R6 watches inclusion, full EZON should be quasi excellent brand strength, ingenuity and technological innovation of both product integration so highly recognized in the field of sports.

Chinese sports watch – look at the data to speak

EZON should be quasi-founded in 2008 as a Chinese professional sports brand technology, and always adhere to the user experience as the core concept, combining sports and science and technology production run way, mountaineering, heart rate belt, rope skipping, riding five series. Its products has won the China State Intellectual Property design patent contest "Best Fashion Design Award", China Red Star Award for industrial design, Chinese annual selection of outdoor equipment industry award – "outdoor equipment + intelligent" award, the national sports industry demonstration projects, well-known Chinese watch brand and other awards. EZON dynamic heart rate should be quasi-intelligent GPS sports watch R6 "gold objects Award" Finalist status is to take real old domestic professional sports watches.

The award-winning GPS product dynamic light heart rate watch R6 is deserved, high-quality GPS module equipped with a new generation of mixed-mode GPS engine technology, "GPS + Compass + GLONASS" Samsung positioning satellites covering almost mainstream world, You can achieve the effect of the speed with accurate positioning.

Accurate heart rate detection is critical for runners, watches and R6 can combine big heart rate data based on one million Chinese runners runners sports data collection, the establishment of a Chinese model base heart rate, heart rate with optical sensor, to to provide users with accurate dynamic real-time heart rate data. Effectively protect the runner safe sport.

This watch all of the data and some functions are integrated in the APP client, able to put runners on the physical assessment should EZON quasi-intelligent running AI software, training programs, exercise load, full motion and other data show out and analyze the performance of each exercise and reasonable training program for follow-up training.

Why should EZON quasi stand out in many traditional watch brands?

Mr. Joseph Chan Yuan founded EZON should be quasi-brand in the background of foreign sports watch prevailed, adhere to build a sports watch part of China, sowing the belief of leading the development of appropriate quasi-sports watch, from "Made in China" to "Chinese wisdom make". Since 2008, EZON quasi-brands should not only opened a new era of intelligent movement, and closely follow the development of high technology, based on the "AI + health campaign" open platform of Internet technology, now has 120 million professional runners data, the establishment of a belonging to the Chinese people’s heart rate model library.

EZON should help prospective for sports it is also duty-bound, in the meantime, to establish a joint laboratory EZON wearable should be registered with the Sports Science Institute of the State Sports General Administration, intelligent, scientific ideas help track and field sports training in Fujian Province. Equipped with a self-study by the light of the heart rate module wearable smart devices, achieve professional accuracy and analysis of training results data collection, provide a scientific basis for sporting events. EZON should be quasi born with high-precision manufacturing and electronic information technology, the combination of genes, has become the Chinese watch top ten enterprises. In the first year of wearable devices, it should be quasi-stand the forefront, independent research and development of innovative technologies and intelligent algorithms, AI has been successfully transformed into intelligent motion wearable brand of high-tech equipment.

Over the years, EZON should always provide prospective "software + hardware + services" integration of scientific and technological innovations for smart sports industry, bringing personalized for the sports enthusiasts, multi-functional intelligent AI products. Future, Brigadier General should continue to uphold the "user experience as the core" brand philosophy, more focused on the field of artificial intelligence movement, giving users higher technology, more efficient movement of health services.

The current international situation is grim, domestic products and innovative R & D is the key.国货当自强, need to continue the development of national and domestic brands, long-term layout, so that Chinese brands to go abroad, so that domestic products to show in the public eye, let the tide country became an attitude.