8.11 Place the cold migration flow in the provisioning TCPIP stack operation process

usePrepareTCP / IP StackIsolation of cold migration, virtual machine clones, and snapshot traffic, and distribute dedicated default gateways, routing tables, and DNS configurations for this traffic. To enable the provisioning TCP / IP stack, assign a new VMkernel adapter.


1. As shown in Figure 1 below, in the vSphere Web Client, navigate toHost. existmanageNext, chooseThe internet, Then select VMkernel adapter. ClickAdd a host network(icon).

2, as shown in Figure 2, "Select connection type"On page, choose VMkernel network adapter, Then clickNext step.

3, as shown in Figure 3, "Select target device"On page, select the switch network of the VMkernel adapter, and clickNext step. The existing network here is our previous network that has been used for VMotion.

4, as shown in Figure 4, "Port attribute"On the page, from TCP / IP StackSelect in the drop-down menuPrepare. The provisioning traffic will become the only service that is enabled.Cannot VMkernel Adapter is used for traffic types other than.

5, (optional): As shown in Figure 5, "IPv4 set up"On page, select Options for Get IP Address.

6, view "will complete"Select the settings on the page, then clickFinish.

in conclusion:existPrepare After creating a VMkernel adapter on the TCP / IP stack, you can only use this stack to this hostCold migration, cloning and snapshot. The VMkernel adapter on the default TCP / IP stack is in disabled status for the provisioning service. If a real-time migration uses the default TCP / IP stack, you use the provisioning TCP / IP stack to configure the VMkernel adapter, and the data transfer will be completed successfully. However, the VMkernel adapter on the default TCP / IP stack for future cold migration, cross-host clones, and snapshot sessions will be disabled.

5G smart medical care into the industry into new kinetic energy

Recently, in 2021, Yuexi Medical Informationization Academic Exchange Annual Meeting was held in China, China, China, China. The General Assembly conducted 5G smart medical information application display with the "5G Building Data Industry", and Maoming Mobile was a 5G smart hospital solution report at the General Assembly.

The event site.

The 5G smart medical applications and solutions in the conference site demonstrated by the conference site have attracted 5G smart medical applications and solutions in the field of hospital management, emergency rescue, have attracted a number of participants to watch. Actively communicate, discuss, experience 5G + smart medical information platform and digital equipment simulation scene, and give the simulation effect.

The event site.

It is understood that Maoming Mobile 5G smart medical care is based on 5G + industry cloud network, integrates leading edge information technology technology such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, marginal calculation, and continuously promoting the Maoming Medical Industry to Information Technology. , Intelligent, digitally upgraded. In the early stage, Maoming Mobile and Maoming City People’s Hospital, Gaozhou People’s Hospital have signed a 5G + smart medical strategic cooperation agreement, and on this basis, join hands with Gaozhou People’s Hospital successfully implemented the first AI + 5G remote heart cavity in China. Mirror surgery.

Since this year, Maoming Mobile continues to inject new kinetic energy into the local medical industry, Joint Maowen People’s Hospital, Gaozhou People’s Hospital, Successfully declared "5G + Remote Intension Supervision (ICU)" and "5G + county people demand side to adapt to the three-level health Service System "," 5G + smart medical application national pilot project, fully integrated use 5G technology to promote the development of digital medical construction and application innovation in Maoming City, and will benefit health services and the masses.

The event site.

Next, Maoming Mobile continues to be guided by the development of Maoming Medical and Health, and the new infrastructure injection of 5G is the new infrastructure note, and constantly solve the practical information needs of the clinical first-line, build a new digital medical health service model, and promote medical services. "Smart" and the quality resources will be sinking to promote the improvement of Maoming medical and health services, and promote high quality development of Maoming health and health.

The world’s first automatic driving cargo ship is first saved; Yuan Coshua blows "fried room heat" | Tuling weekly

Tuling Weekly: Select a major event in the AI ??industry, picking up the most valuable information from a non-distinguished industry information, with professional comment, worth reading, taste.

01 The world’s first automatic driving cargo ship saved

On November 18th, the world’s first zero-emission fully automated container ship "Yara Birkeland" created by Norwegian fertilizer manufacturer Yara, opened the first flight from the Oslo Bay.

Comments: This is a small but very hopeful step to reduce the climate footprint of the shipping industry. Although there is a lot of automatic driving, it is also facing a certain issue, but it is believed that these problems will gradually improve and solve with the development of technology. In the future, the world will not be far away from the world.

02 2022 IEEE FELLOW list announced

Beijing time November 24th, 2022 IEEE Fellow’s full list was officially announced, and 265 scholars in this time were selected.

Comments: It is worth mentioning that the last 2021ieee fellow has 282 people, including 75 Chinese scholars, accounting for 26.6%. This time, IEEE Fellow Chinese scholars have 83 people, accounting for 31.3% of the total number, which has increased slightly higher than the last time.

03 UNESCO officially launched the "Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics"

The UNESCO has officially launched the "Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics" on the 25th of the UNESCO local time. The proposal is passed by UNESCO Member States and is the first global normative framework for artificial intelligence themes.

Comments: Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence have demonstrated its huge capacity to bring positive changes, but its negative impact is intensifying a world that is already in split and inequality, this aspect must be controlled. The development of artificial intelligence should follow the rule of law, avoid damage, and ensure that the accountability is owned and compensated for victims during injury. The proposal is 29 pages, which defines the necessary basic projects to guide artificial intelligence construction to ensure the common values ??and basic principles of artificial intelligence development.

04 yuan universe blows "fried room heat"

On November 24, in the virtual world platform DECENTRALAND, a digital land was sold for $ 2.43 million, about 15 million yuan, and refreshed the world record of virtual property prices again.

Comments: Since Facebook changed its company name to Meta, people have risen sharply to the interested interest in Yuanhe. Encourage people to buy the land of the Yuan Universe as a speculative investment. Decentraland is a Yuan universe running in Tanfri, which is one of the most popular metacles of the universe for the public. Singer Lin Jiejie announced the land of DECENTRALAND, which has been purchased on November 23, officially stepped into the World Universe World.

05 my country’s automatic driving completed the first payment order in China

Beijing automatically driving on November 25 officially started commercialization pilot. On the same day, a Beijing Yizhuang resident uses Baidu Apollo automatic driving travel service platform "radish run" to complete the first single payment, which is the first automatic driving payment order in China.

Comments: This marks Chinese companies from manned test operations, entering a new stage of commercial pilots, leading the world’s automatic driving.

Yuan Zifeng: Multi-scale method to solve the prediction problem

What is the material? Can you damage what extent? Answers can be found with the mechanical model. Use the model as much as possible to reflect the real material world, this is the fact that Beijing University Mechanics and Engineering Science Department, Yuan Zifeng, has been working hard. Providing high fidelity calculation models for composites, with a multi-scale multi-physical field coupling method to accurately describe the complex evolution of composite materials, which is his expectation for future. At the moment, his goal is to combine product engineering practice to get work more and more ground.

Yuan Zifeng took pictures in doctoral graduation ceremony in Columbia University

Yuan Zifeng introduced that, like other disciplines, macro classic mechanics also has a basic knowledge system. Just like Sun Wuki can’t escape, like a Buddhist palm, classic mechanics has not escaped the framework of Newton’s classic mechanics, and do not open various conservative laws. Although these conservative laws work in the description of the simple structure, it is difficult to make a clear analysis in complex structures, which requires calculation of mechanics, and Yuan Zifeng is engaged in calculating the research work of solid mechanics.

There is a goal of calculating solid mechanics – prediction. Prediction is a matter of concern, and people in all walks of life predict what will happen tomorrow in their respective fields. Yuan Zifeng’s work is to predict the mechanical performance of the product. "For example, a mug, falling down in how high the location will be broken? But you can get an answer through experiments. But you will take a cup every day to do experiments. It is not the best way. The general method is that the quality of product materials is used to use models. predict."

However, it is not a mechanical performance of all products to predict the model. In the computational mechanics framework, the material properties are characterized by the model model. However, in a conventional model system, the stress state of the material is not determined by a smaller scale state. Instead, the local model is obedient. Therefore, for composite materials, the complex mechanical properties of materials are difficult to describe existing modes of modes. In addition, the plasticity, breaking, damage, fatigue, etc. From the perspective of phenomena, a complex constitutive model that is fitted is not to explain the mechanism of failure of the material, thereby there is no mechanical properties from predicting materials.

The macro and median scale is coupled, and the multi-scale method is undoubtedly a way to solve the above problems. Macro material response comes from the averaging and homogenization of the mediative scale, and the understanding problem is solved by a photographed material component, a meta-geometry and a corresponding macro deformation state, the theory and actual calculation of multi-scale methods. The cost requires careful balance.

In general, the introduction of the median scale will greatly increase the calculation complexity. A complete macroscopically nonlinear finite element simulation coupled with a computational complexity of the nonlinear finite element solving, about the number of macro cells multiplied by a photographic unit, and therefore, the high resolution of the photographic scale calculation can cause the calculation amount. Big, not feasible. "Today, in order to achieve higher computing accuracy, the messenger of the median scale can reach millions of levels, which seriously reduces the possibility of introducing online calculations in macro scale. On this issue, the mechanics academic circles are calculated. There is no good solution to the actual industrial needs. "Yuan Zifeng introduced.

At the same time, with the booming of the materials discipline, the characterization of advanced functional materials in complex work environments put forward higher challenges. On the one hand, the functionality of advanced materials comes from a more deep understanding of the photographic scale of the material; on the other hand, objective material evolution also needs to consider the coupling effect of a variety of physics. This coupling analysis of this multi-scale multi-physics is both difficult to calculate the mechanics, but also a major opportunity for breaking through domestic computational mechanics software, which is more significant for the academic, industry, and calculating mechanics software industries. Therefore, developing advanced computational mechanics technology has become a very important thing.

In order to establish a feasible multi-scale analysis method system, the multi-scale method can be implemented in the macro-large scale structure calculation, but also to design a multi-scale multi-physical field computational mechanics software for user-friendly, strong versatility and high reliability, Yuan Zifeng It has accumulated for many years.

Yuanzifeng visited Cornell University when studying abroad

After graduating from the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Sciences, Peking University Institute of Engineering, Yuan Zifeng began in the 10 years of study in the United States. He completed a master’s degree in civil engineering and engineering mechanics at Columbia University. He continued to do a postdoctoral work after doctoral studies. Professor Jacob Fish engages in multi-scale calculation methods. "My request for myself is that the method doesn’t need to learn very much, but as long as you learn, you have to do it as possible. This is also the reason I have made a lot of years." Yuan Zifeng said.

Engaged in multi-scale calculation methods, there is a need for computer programming capabilities. In the same age, Yuan Zifeng is an earlier contact programming. In junior high school, it has been programmed. He has a strong interest and has reached a high level, which can be used in work, and it is a pleasure for Yuan Zifeng.

Theory, algorithm, and program implementation are the three-driving carriages of solid mechanical research, Yuan Zifeng strives to break through three aspects. For this reason, he has received many opportunities to cooperate with foreign companies and participated in the research and development of many projects. He wrote completely independently designed nonlinear universal finite element Foof (full name Finite Element Solver Based On Object-Oriented Fortran), which is used by MultiScale Design System and subsequent MultiScale Designer as a non-linear finite element computing engine for software, There is no major mistake, and the commercialization is reflected in good. The FOOF software architecture is excellent, which has strong expansion and good maintenance.

At the same time, Yuan Zifeng also participated in the glass fiber of general automobiles – nylon composites in high temperature and high humidity, residual stress during carbon fiber-epoxy resin, initial injury simulation, silicon carbide / silicon carbide composite material Oxidation creep simulation, carbon fiber-epoxy resin super-high fatigue injury simulation and other engineering projects, have accumulated a large number of engineering composites, multi-physics simulation, not only multi-scale for advanced materials in complex environments There is a certain understanding of multi-physical field failure mechanism, and more understanding of the demand model of engineering software clients.

In cooperation, Yuan Zifeng feels that foreign simulation methods have attached great importance to the development of mechanics. In the development of commercial software, it has been taken for many years than China, and has accumulated a lot of experience and form a very good ecology. At the same time, it is more concerned that the European and American simulation software market has emerged in a large number of software or third-party plug-ins, based on multi-scale multi-physicological methods, including advanced materials industries including composites. Among them, Altair’s MultiScale.Sim (as a third-party plug-in), the third-party plug-in in Siemens, the multimechanics, composite analysis software, composite, composite curing simulation software Raven, etc. In particular, Abaqus has provided simple material homogenization function modules in the latest version.

In contrast to foreign "hundred flowers", China’s simulation software is another scene. It does not form a market. It is not validated, the software is scarce, the function is single, and the existence of software exists, the launch of many scientific research work has been set up. Passover obstacles. If you want to add some features, there are many restrictions to foreign purchases, and I have been developed and facing bottlenecks. However, to achieve the development of the vision theory, the new algorithm attempt, meet the needs of the industry, have a self-designed software is imminent.

Yuan Zifeng noted that there are many open source software abroad. Just take a platform, propose a versatile structure, code, let others use, the platform will continue to expand in the process of us, more and more improved. "Why don’t we do some open source software in China, provide some tools to the industry, academia, helping everyone solve some problems, slowly build ecology?" During the University of Columbia, Yuanzifeng I have been holding this idea. With the further deepening of the foreign simulation software market, the desire to achieve this idea is more urgent in Yuan Zifeng.

Moreover, according to him, there are many Chinese people who have a mechanics in foreign schools, but there are very few people engaged in this study. Since domestic computing mechanics is so mature, they will be more than they have more things, in order to calculate More Chinese voice made some contributions.

With a decade, with the ideal of the country, Yuan Zifeng returned to the alma mater to start a new journey.

Yuan Zifeng stood in the statue of Mr. Deng Jiaxiang.

"Select back to Peking University has many reasons. It is my alma mater, with China’s smartest student and teacher, and there is a tradition of calculating mechanical research. Many teachers hope that I will come back together, this is a good opportunity to me. Yuan Zifeng said.

After leaving 10 years, I returned to my alma mater. Yuan Zifeng felt that the atmosphere of Peking University is still as early as early as the beginning, and you can do everything you want to do. In the project, in the project, he will implement the direct homogeneous method and the anti-order homogeneous method of the independent nonlinear finite element software platform; in the autonomous nonlinear finite element software platform Writing a photographic library of photographic scale materials, including but not limited to linear elasticity, elasticity, viscoelasticity, viscosity, continuous injury, circulating loading fatigue damage, etc.; more physics is also implemented Field coupling method. The project will integrate existing mature multi-scale methods, combined with multi-physical field coupling theory, to establish a complete theory, simulation, and software system for characterization issues.

Yuan Zifeng introduced that this system is a common multi-scale multi-physical field methodology that can reproduce the laboratory test data of different industries, and then generate a large number of virtual physics experiments based on direct multi-scale methods. The purpose of manpower, material, and financial resources can also solve the problem of virtual physics experiments in real world. Real additional virtual experimental data can train down-order multi-scale models such that different components of the scale of the scale in the actual large-scale structure simulation calculation can still be independently characterized. Structural simulation, verification, optimization and other work will be improved, this methodology will provide a new idea for material design of a variety of industries.

At the same time, since the multi-scale multi-physical field material model is essentially improved the constant relationship between strain-stress, it does not essentially change the nonlinear finite element simulation process of the macro structure, so the traditional computational solid mechanical system is not subject to the large frame. Very great influence, the industry can quickly use this friendly new system.

"Everyone thinks the multi-scale threshold is very high. I want to put the document, papers, and procedures. It is actually not so high. In order to make users easy to get started, the software is very high, this is not a half The problem of the child can solve, the time cost is very large, should not stop writing documents, I have to test it, there are many jobs to do. "Yuan Zifeng said.

Not only do you have to do good things, but also do some innovations academically, there is such a plan for future work. As the work slowly launched, Yuan Zifeng intends to do some new work in addition to the previous work.

Many years of study, work experience tells him that doing things to understand problems from the perspective of customers, especially simulation can’t do some old ways, can’t close the door, to understand what customers’ needs. "I listened to the lecture in Peking University. Please pack the governor, in the aerospace field, they ask many questions, there are many ways to do from calculating mechanics." Yuan Zifeng said that users and tool manufacturers are mutual Promote the relationship, multi-communication can understand each other. So he intends to visit some universities and enterprises that have better domestic composites to understand what needs, and then provide them with some calculation tools, do some interesting, meaningful things, but because the epidemic continues, these things have to be It has been pushed back.

When I returned to China, Yuan Zifeng’s work was going well, he said that this will not be able to drive everyone’s support. "Our hands are empty, there is no big results, the country, Beijing, schools are our support for us, we are very grateful. We can only return everyone’s support only."

Review the growth of all the way, Yuan Zifeng wants to thank people, he said: "Professor Jacob Fish gives me enough trust, not only giving me a lot of help, not only in thinking mode, with the company’s cooperation I have inspired. Professor Tang Shaoqiang, Northern University, can simply understand the complex mathematics issues, let me kill the mathematics of the difficulty since high school to university, and then I was filled with Mr. Tang The lesson, this is a lot of help, and I have slowly embarrassed the cause of the road. "

When many years of students, Yuan Zifeng will also usher in their own students. He said that you have to serve the students as much as possible, let them be happy, because a person’s luckiest thing is to enjoy their work.

Watch the game, play the ball, cooking, Yuan Zifeng is a person who fully enjoys life, but he has never relaxed. He plans to serve the academia, industry.

"Jobs said, the user’s demand is more horses before the car, because they don’t know this thing, what we do is to let everyone know that there is a car in addition to the horse." Yuan Zifeng said, "I I hope to introduce yourself as soon as possible, let everyone use our software, understanding the open source software. I can do a lot of things. I am looking forward to the platform you have made, everyone can collide some different sparks, producing one Add a greater effect. "

Professor of Assistant, Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University Institute of Engineering, special researcher. In 2009, he became a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Engineering Science, the University of Peking University. In 2012, the Department of Technologies and Engineering Mechanics in Columbia University was a Philosophy of Philosophy, 2016 Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University. . In the University of Columbia, the Ph.D. in the University of Columbia, and the research work that has been engaged in multi-scale calculation methods in the post-doctoral work. Published 11 papers related to multi-scale multi-physics, including 10 articles. The direction of scientific research involves theoretical and application mechanics, engineering mechanics, calculation mechanics, calculating mechanical software design, multi-scale calculation method and multi-physical field coupling method.

Enhance the home appliances of high quality life, just in KKTV smart TV

Since ancient times, Chinese people have more passengers. For each family, TV sets are indispensable home appliances. In addition to an ordinary viewing tool, when friends and family come home, they can also regulate the atmosphere. Role, just open the TV, even if you don’t look, the entire room will also be full of a lively atmosphere. Especially the current TV is more and more intelligent. If you want to change the old TV set at home, the KKTV smart TV is a good choice, not only can become a viewing tool, but also help children learn.

How to directly affect the viewing experience, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV not only uses 4K HDR quality improvement technology, but also use Konka independently developed 12Bit color engine technology, know that this is very water High color processing technology. It can regulate 68.6 billion colors, and the brightness of the screen will be more uniform and very suitable for watching movies. Compared with ordinary TV sets, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV can also bring you more surprises. For example, in the off-screen state, you can also become a smart speaker for music.

The excellent configuration is inseparable. This KKTV U65V5T smart TV uses 64-bit architectural processor. The screen will be very smooth. The switch between the interfaces will not appear in carton, even if it is played. problem. The important thing is that it also supports mobile phones, just put TV and mobile phones in the same LAN, then the photos stored on the phone and found interesting video can be put into the big screen, and then feel the big screen watch. carefree.

Now the child’s study is a big event. There are many parents to make children win on the starting line. In advance let the children learn kinds of kindergarten knowledge, but the book is more boring, the child is difficult to calm down, good in this KKTV U65V5T Smart TV has massive education resources, which can cultivate children’s fun, and also reduce parents for the choice of theme and repetition. Important is that it also supports mobile phones, allowing you to put video and photos on your mobile phone to the TV screen, share with your family.

I believe that many small friends have encountered the experience of the remote control, but as long as this KKTV U65V5T smart TV can help you get rid of the remote control, because it supports artificial intelligence, no matter what TV, what to listen Songs, as long as the movement of your mouth, you can say the name, the operation is particularly simple and convenient. In addition, this KKTV U65V5T smart TV also has a wisdom, and bricks to your smart life. It can connect a variety of smart home appliances, becoming a real family housekeeper, bringing more convenience to daily life, making you more comfortable with your family.

For the right TV set, you can bring more joy to your daily life. It is equipped with high-tech KKTV smart TV, which can easily improve the quality of life, and interested, don’t miss it.

Interface Control Devexpress ASP.NET Controls V21.2 – Gantt Map Performance Enhancement

DevexPress ASP.NET Web Forms Controls has 110+ UI controls for web forms (including reports), which extensions are server-side MVC extensions or client controls, 70+ high-performance deVexpress supported by lightweight JavaScript widgets. ASP.NET CORE Controls, including features perfect report platform, DevexPress ASP.NET Web Forms Bootstrap Controls uses lightweight rendering, responding layout, and modern performance optimization technology, expands the audience of the website and improves search rankings.

DevexPress ASP.NET control officially released the second major version of this year – V21.2, the new version of the official promotion chart, Gantt Chart and other control performance, welcome to download the latest version of the experience!

DevexPress Universal Subscription official latest version free download trial, historical version download, online documentation and help file download – Huodu


The DEVEXPRESS chart control can now process a gap (in the data source) as a null point (with points that have undefined values). You can now customize the appearance of these gaps (based on a series of view types), you can customize the spot marks, lines, and regional segments of the null point.

You can also draw the ‘mock’ point to replace the gap (based on the adjacent series points), set the EmptyPointOptions.ProcessPointS property of the series view to ‘Interpolate’.

Enhance touch support

We have improved touch screen support based on Chromium-based browser (Google Chrosoft Edge, Opera).

Custom callback

The new client PerformCallback method and server-side CustomCallback event allow you to send and process custom requests between servers and clients.

Visible date range

You can now use the following server-side properties to specify the visible data range: GanttViewSettings.StartDateRANGE and GanttViewSettings.Enddaterange, you want to specify a visible date range on the client, please use the SetStartDateRange and SetEndDaterange methods.

Display / hide dependency

Add a new UI element next to the new API to display / hide dependencies in the Gantt chart:

  • Show Dependencies Toolbar Item
  • Showdependencies

New Gantt Chart API

The following new APIs are included in V21.2:

  • UnassignallResourcesFromTask – Unassigned all resources from the task.
  • ShowTaskDetailsDialog – Display ‘Task Details’ dialog
  • Zoomin and Zoomout – Zoom and zoom in.
  • ViewTyperaNGemin and ViewTypeRangemax – Limit the scope of scaling.
  • ShowResources – Display / Hide Resources.
  • New client API for batch mode.
  • Improved adaptability and accessibility.
  • Enhanced client and server architecture.

Brand Design Sharing – What are the principles in layout design?


Symmetry design is a static, payment of organizational and balance layout. Symmetric composition implementation, it is characterized by stability, neat, quiet, calm and classical.


Copy or key elements placed in the direction of the diagonal line in the layout, on the one hand, avoiding common homology layouts, on the one hand, gives the center subject to more creative space; this will make the entire composition look harmonious.


The embellishment element is launched around the center’s copy or graphic launch, so the pattern makes visual focus in the center, and the visual impact is strong.


The literary and main body can use design techniques to attract readers’ eyes, so that it can avoid dull.


The copy or graph is placed in the curve of S, forming a stealth line. Such composition is flexible, interesting, and can guide users to read information along the S-Dist.


The literacy and the body are separated, and the composition of the left and right or up and down. And the copy is aligned, otherwise it will appear to be messy. Such composition is also more common.

Sign in.shapeshape

The form of the main body and a copy of the copy is placed in a circular, triangular, rectangular, and the like. And if it is patterned with a triangular pattern, it is best to use the pyramid structure so that the user’s visual can be guided.

8. Full version

Full version, refers to the picture or element full of layout, which is characterized by intuitive and strong visual impact. However, if such a plate is handled properly, it will appear to be a mess, so in order to avoid crowded space, the element can be appropriately deleted.

Your office assistant! Alphabet restarts the robot project to challenge Ai puzzles

"At 1:30 in the afternoon, the robots will queue to the cafe. This group of monk robots will take four wheels to walk into the dining area, shuttle between the intricate dining table, then quickly launched, cleaning, and placing Table and chairs, everything is all settled in well. "

You can imagine that this is the scene that will appear soon? At present, Google’s parent company Alphabet is committed to bringing robots to the office to perform daily tasks. Their ultimate goal is to let the code "EveryDay Robot" robotAbility to complete more daily tasks, becoming a real office assistant!

Recently, the EveryDay Robots project, which is responsible for a team in its "X Lab", is committed to creating "General Learning Robots." They have removed some prototype machines out of the laboratory, enter Google’s Bay District Park, and implement some simple tasks.

"We are now running a team consisting of more than 100 robot prototypes, and they perform a wide range of useful tasks around our office," said Everyday Robots, Chief Robot, Bloom, said in a blog post. "The same robot of sorting garbage can now be equipped with a scraper to wipe the table, and use the same starting hand of the cup to learn to open the door."

The goal of these robots is to clean your hygiene. They will walk to the "meditation" for a few seconds before the table to determine if someone will hold. If someone eats, they will continue to advance until they find the empty table. After staying for 1 second, it may be in the internal operation, the robot is rotated and expanded, and the arm extends to the table, and there is a transparent disinfectant cover the surface.

This project wants the robot to become useful and can operate in an open environment, not limited to a controlled environment such as plants. After years of development, Everyday Robots finally sent to reality to do practical work.

The purpose of the R & D robber is to reliably complete the task of the human assistant. Because the computer is relatively easy to perform difficult cognitive work, it is extremely difficult to copy the cognitive function of the two-year-old child. For example, pass through a messy room, open a tricky door handle, and its difficulty is not overloaded.

These robots are essentially a wheel with a wheel, and there is a multi-purpose grip at the end of the flexible arm connected to the central tower. There is a "head" on the top of the tower, and there is a camera and sensor for machine visual, and there is a laser radar device that looks like a rotating. But even if the hardware is passing, the problem on the software is still unavoidable.

Even if this is, let Every Day Robots will open the door, and wipe the table and make people very crazy problems. In the context of current depth learning, engineers use machine learning to train software to identify objects and run millions of simulations to get a "almost" result.

The Chief Engineer of Everyday Robots said that some companies have now been very good at manufacturing machines that can make complex survivities in the factory, but when trying to copy simple tasks, such as cleaning up the kitchen or folding clothes, but fell into the kitchen or folding clothes. Dilemma, this is because cognitive problems have not been resolved.

In fact, now EveryDay Robots can do a major breakthrough in the timed fixed-point execution cleaning task. If Sophia can be so flexible in the future, it will definitely bring more help!

Shanghai has 12 measures to support women’s scientific and technological talent development.

Creating a child-friendly working environment for female science and technology talents; promoting high-level female scientific and technological talents retirement policies … December 1 A number of measures to play a greater role in the innovation center have been introduced recently.

This document is made by the municipal science and technology work party committee, the municipal womanfare, the municipal science committee, the municipal education party committee, the municipal sub-service party committee, the municipal financial work party committee, the city’s construction party committee, the municipal government committee, the municipal education committee, the municipal people , The Municipal Agricultural Committee, the Municipal Guardian Committee, the Municipal Republic of China, the founding of the city, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the group municipal party committee, the city discipline, 17 departments and units.

Yang Jianzheng / photo

12 measures include:

1. Best to give play to the role of high-level female scientific and technological talents in science and technology decision consultation.

In the scientific and technological activities of Shanghai Science and Technology Decision Advisory Agency and various major scientific and technological strategic counseling, scientific and technological policy formulation and scientific and technological policy development, high-level female scientific and technological personnel participation. In Shanghai Science and Technology Plan, Science and Technology Awards, Talent Programs, and various innovative achievements, female experts participate in the proportion of women, the proportion of women is not less than 25%. Encourage and attract more eligible female experts to enter the Shanghai Science and Technology Expert Library, the global high-level science and technology expert information platform, and the number of female experts will gradually increase.

2. Increase high-level female scientific and technological talent management support.

In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians in China Academy of Engineering, encourage nomination more excellent female scientists as candidates. Supporting female science and technology talents assumes scientific and technological plan projects and selection of high-level talent programs, women are preferred. In this Municipal Talent Program System, create conditions to absorb more female science and technology talents, fully implement the policy of properly relaxing female scientific research agents, especially in the city’s Polytex, Dawning Plan, etc. The female applicant is 2 years.

3. Improve high-level female science and technology talent international influence and activity.

Select the female scientific and technological talent abroad (territory) training, support more female science and technology talents to go abroad, participate in international conferences, recommend excellent female science and technology talents to international technology organizations, cultivate a group of international vision, independent innovation ability and global science and technology governance High-level internationalized female science and technology talents.

4. Promote the implementation of high-level female science and technology talent retirement policies.

For the 60-year-old female professional and technical personnel, the work needs to extend the retirement age, the implementation of senior experts retire retirement, or continue to participate in scientific research innovation after retirement, and play the role. Guide enterprises to establish a postgraduate and research strategic cooperation, support and encourage institutions such as higher education institutions and vocational colleges to set up mobile positions, inviting high-level enterprises with extensive experience to transfer to relevant institutions. Or conduct research work.

5. In-depth development of "scientific innovation towel action".

Building a widespread building platform, promoting the establishment of improvement policy support, elements, platform service, incentive protection, laying transformation chains, promotes collaborative innovation, encouraging more female science and technology talents to implement national key strategic tasks, implement rural resolution and long Triangle integrated development strategy, building a "five new city" and other work contributing to the power. Widely open scarf science volunteer action to help improve the scientific literacy and urban cultural soft strength.

6. Support female science and technology talents to join Pudong leading area construction.

Cultivate the construction of female science and technology talents into Pudong leading area, leading women’s scientific and technological talents in basic research and application basic research, integrated circuit, biomedicine and artificial intelligence three major pilot industries, work, brave technology and industrial innovation pioneer. Focus on "Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City Development" 14th "Planning", actively supports female science and technology talents to play a greater role in the core bearing area of ??Shanghai Science and Technology Center.

7. Enhance the scientific research academic vitality and social contribution of female science and technology talents.

Established a Shanghai Female Science and Technology Worker Association, high quality construction of female science and technology talents, improve tissue activity and lead power. The exquisite director, the person in charge of the Association, the responsible person, member or representative of the science and technology community, the proportion of women, members or representatives, etc. in principle be less than 20%. High quality organizational exchange activities, in Pujiang Innovation Forum, World Artificial Intelligence Assembly, etc. Shanghai All kinds of important science and technology forums and academic conferences, gradually improve women’s participation, enhance the chairman of the conference, host and major academic reporters Proportion, conditional can be set up separately of a female topic or female special.

8. Support female science and technology talents to join the innovation of high quality development.

The selection of excellent female science and technology talents hosted and participated in corporate innovation and reform work, and acting as a role in stimulating corporate innovation. Shanghai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator (public space, etc.) Strengthen support for female science and technology entrepreneurs, equally, the city’s scientific and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation funds, science and technology small giants and other plans give priority, cultivate Multi-female science and technology entrepreneurs.

9. Establish an evaluation incentive mechanism for improving female science and technology talents.

In the national labor model, the national May 1st labor medal, the national three eight red flag, the national towel, the main model, Shanghai labor model and advanced workers, Shanghai May 1st labor medal, Shanghai Youth M4 medals, Shanghai Sanqi Red Flag Hand Equation ratio of women ‘s scientific and technological talents in a commendation. A batch of trees in a batch of towels in the past two years, create a Women’s Development Fund, encourage social forces to set up a scientific and technological award for female scientists, and better support female scientific and technological talents to innovate.

10. Create a child-friendly working environment for female science and technology talents.

Encourage research units to set up a female scientific return fund, funded female researchers and returned to scientific posts. In the assessment evaluation, the post-employment, etc. Allow women’s scientific and technological talents to apply for prolonged projects due to fertility or in pregnancy. Under the premise of conditions permission, through the implementation of the elastic working system, the love mommy small house should be built, set up a kind of child service flexibility and infant housing service institutions, and create friendly work for pregnant female science and technology talents. environment.

11. Strengthen the cultivation of female backup scientific and technological talents.

Establish and improve the early training model of female science and technology innovation. Strengthen the implementation of scientific literacy courses in the compulsory education phase, and give full play to the role of the model mission and demonstration of female science and technology talents, stimulating female students to love science, learning science interests and aspirations. High school education strengthens the guidance of female students ‘discipline selection and career development, eliminating the adverse effects of students’ professional choice for female students. The university phase education has passed the implementation of the strong base incentive plan, strengthens the cultivation of science and education integration and education integration talents, and strengthening the planning counseling of female students, establishing a female science and technology talent growth support system, and cultivating a batch of female innovative basic research talents and high-quality applications. Type talent.

12. Strengthen the basic work of female science and technology talent.

The study of "Science and Technology and Gender" is carried out to conduct gender equality assessments in Shanghai, which has been analyzed for scientific research units, employer enrollment, employer and related management system, and propose advice to facilitate women’s science and technology talents. Tracking research on female science and technology talent growth, exploring the implementation of full cycle management, dynamically grasping the development of female science and technology talents, providing decision-making basis for further improving female science and technology talent policies.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Zhe

Mengzhou City Teacher Bureau promotes the digital transformation of basic education teaching

Dahe Net News "I now simulate the artificial intelligent robot, clean the garbage link, the link using the information programming technology to control the robot cleaning car simulation cleaning waste." This is a scene in the Practice Course of Han Yu Primary School in Mengzhou City.

In recent years, Mengzhou City Education and Sports Bureau has actively promoted the artificial intelligence education of primary and secondary schools. He has put more than 4 million yuan, purchased the robot, open source electronics, 3D printing, drone, woodworking machine tools and other equipment construction artificial intelligence laboratories. At present, Mengzhou City has built 20 Artificial Intelligent Experimental School, including more than 60 provincial experimental schools and more than 60 Customer Associations. The experimental school is the main position of the community, and the technology competition activities actively carry out artificial intelligent education work.

In recent years, Mengzhou City has won 3 national awards in the "National Student Information Literacy Improvement Practice", "Youth Robot Competition", and 86 provincial awards, 125 municipal awards, and Liu Dongdong, Wu Dongdong, Guo Lijuan et al. In October 2020, Mengzhou City was named as the first batch of artificial intelligence education experimental areas of primary and secondary schools in the Henan Provincial Department of Education. Artificial Intelligent Education Experimental School of Primary and Secondary Schools in Henan Province.

"Mengzhou City Education and Sports Bureau will continue to vigorously promote the work of artificial intelligence education, so that artificial intelligence projects will flow in more schools, gradually written non-school, schools have characteristics, there is no way to do, life will The new chapter of artificial intelligence education. "Zhang Yuefeng, Director of Mengzhou Education Bureau. (Wang Fang)

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